I offer two different kinds of editing services:

I also offer three interior formatting packages:

All packages are for fiction or nonfiction manuscripts; unfortunately at this time I do not offer services for picture books. All prices are listed in USD and are subject to length and timing. For manuscripts with fewer than 50k words or more than 200k words, please use the contact me page to request a modified quote.

I edit nearly every speculative fiction genre and am intimately familiar with middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction in all lengths, including novels, novellas, novelettes, and short stories. However, I am not a good fit for picture books and young children’s books. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like clarification regarding the editing services.

Additionally, please note that while I will help you strengthen and polish your manuscript, unfortunately there are no guarantees in publishing. That’s true no matter how many editors you do (or don’t) contract with.