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Evvie Drake may be a dragon, but she’s awkward and offbeat at the best of times. She just wants to build a quiet life in the magically liminal town of Twilight, California, and maybe figure out how to flirt with Isa, the cute owner of the independent bookstore that Evvie frequents.

But something about the author at the latest signing event feels off. He smells like rust, he’s leaving almost-invisible tar all over his books, and he has a history with Isa. Isa may think she has to deal with him on her own, but she’s about to learn what it’s like to have a dragon like Evvie in her back pocket.

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Author Bio

Sorcha Mack, who also publishes under S.M. Mack, is a Clarion 2012 grad, a MFA recipient in popular fiction from USM Stonecoast, and the 2017 first place winner of the Katherine Patterson Prize for Young Adult Writing. Her prize-winning story, “The Carrying Beam,” was published in the VCFA Journal for the Arts, Hunger Mountain. Other stories have been published in Fireside Fiction, Vine Leaves Literary Journal’s “Best of 2015” anthology, and the Clarion class of 2012’s seven Rainbow Anthologies, among others. She is the co-host of the Infinite TBR podcast and can be found on Twitter at @whatsmacksaid.

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